Our Mission & History

The mission of Darim Online is to advance the Jewish community by helping Jewish organizations align their work for success in the digital age. 

Darim Online envisions a Jewish community empowered by the best leadership, business and educational structures, tools and practices to strengthen identity and community, and achieve our personal, familial, organizational and communal goals. In a world where culture, business practices, leadership and technology is constantly changing, we believe that Jewish organizations and leaders must be continuously learning, innovating, and sharing our knowledge so that we all may be able to skillfully and confidently use technology to achieve our goals and fulfill our missions.

Darim provides training, coaching and consulting services, as well as participates in national thought leadership conversations to help advance individuals, organizations, and communities.

Milestones in Darim's History:

2014 - Darim graduates the third cohort of the Jewish Day School Social Media Academy, and launches second year of the Connected Congregations cohort in New York. 

2013 - Lisa Colton, Founder and President, gives one of the first ELI Talks, titled "Innovation, Revolution and Tradition".  Darim launches Connected Congregations: A UJA-Federation of New York Initiative with Darim Online to help synagogues become more relationship-based, communities of purpose.  Darim convenes annual group of Jewish professionals at the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

2012 - Darim again gathers professionals at the NTC in San Francisco in cooperation with The Schusterman and Jim Joseph Foundations.  In the fall of 2012 Darim launches the Jewish Day School Social Media Academy with support from The AVI CHAI Foundation for 20 schools nationwide, and the 5th cohort of the Social Media Boot Camp for Educators with support from The Covenant Foundation.  Darim publishes The Social Media Policy Workbook for Jewish Organizations.

2011 - Darim collaborates with The AVI CHAI Foundation to launch the Technology Academy for 10 Jewish Day Schools in the New York/New Jersey area.  Darim also partners with The Jewish Education Project in hiring Miriam Brosseau as the Social Media Manager and Special Projects Coordinator in a successful joint position.  Darim gathers over 70 Jewish professionals at The Nonprofit Technology Network NTC conference.

2010 - Darim celebrates our 10th anniversary!

2009 - Darim completes a strategic planning process and implements a shift in core programming to focus on social media and leadership consulting, rather than website development.  Jvillage Network acquires the Darim Online web site development program and CMS platform.  Darim launches the year-long Social Media Boot Camp program on Long Island funded by UJA Federation of New York, and in northern New Jersey funded by a Berrie Innovation Grant.

2008 - Darim develops a strong focus on the rapidly expanding world of social media, and expands our areas of expertise into the field of Jewish education, with the Darim Online Learning Network for Educators and Educator Fellowship funded by The Covenant Foundation. With her strong background in professional and online learning, as well as educational technology, Caren Levine joins the staff as Director of the Learning Networks.

2005-2008 - Darim collaborates with the Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy to improve Jewish overnight summer camps' database management and alumni relations through social media.  Darim staff retreat to the Outer Banks of Virginia with baby Meira for play, leaning and competitive board games. Eric Olsen coins "JewPoint0" which becomes the name of our blog.

2004 - Darim launches the Darim Online Learning Network, a professional development and knowledge sharing program based on a community of practice methodology to help staff and lay leadership of client organizations best utilize their available technology tools and learn from each other.

2001- Darim expands beyond the pilot group, creating a non-profit business model to build CMS powered web sites for over 120 Jewish organizations.

2000 - Founder Lisa Colton returns from a year in Israel, and while seeking to get involved in the American Jewish community, discovers the dismal state of Jewish organizations' web sites.  After looking into the root causes and developing solutions, she founds Panim Online (previous name of Darim Online) with a grant from STAR to work with a pilot cohort of 4 greater Seattle area congregations.


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