Getting the Most

We're thrilled you're interested in learning about social media tools, strategies and new models of leadership in a connected age.  While you can nibble from our menu of webinars and resources as you'd like, with a little intention you can make the most of your engagement with Darim.

Assemble a Team.  First, it's hard to make big impact as a lone ranger.  Thus, we recommend bringing a few people with you to our webinars, and planning a bit of time for debrief and discussion of how you'll apply what you have learned to your work.  Team members might include both staff and lay leaders, people who focus on strategy as well as those that will have their fingers on your Facebook page on a day to day basis.  This is a great opportunity to invite some new volunteers into your team.  Who is retweeting your tweets, or commenting regularly on Facebook or sharing your content?  People who are savvy with the tools and are already demonstrating that they are interested in your work are great candidates to involve.

Move from theory to practice.  Plan time for your team to discuss how the content applies to your organization while the presentation is fresh in your mind.  Some teams have each person login to the webinar from their home or office.  Others try to get the team together, and project the webinar on a screen and put the audio on a speakerphone.  Make sure to budget another 30 minutes after the conclusion of the session to think about how this impacts your work, and what action items your team will take based on what you've learned.  This works particularly well if you're replaying an archived webinar, where you can even pause the playback and discuss amongst yourselves as you'd like.

Share what you're doing and learning.  Here at Darim, we're always interested in hearing what you're up to -- what's working well, and where you're struggling.  Further, your peers who are thinking about similar things will benefit as they learn from your experience, and provide you with helpful feedback and input.  We offer many opportunities to share:

  • Post on our Facebook Page or in the Networked Nonprofit Book Club group.  Share and link and some insights on what's working well or is hard, or ask a question that the community can respond to.
  • Be a guest blogger!  We love to hand the JewPoint0 microphone to members of our community who have something interesting to share.  Interested?  Give us a shout and let us know what you'd like to share.  We're happy to share our guest blogging guidelines and help you edit the piece.
  • Present on a Sharefest! Webinar.  We offer a few Sharefests! a year where 2 or 3 members of our community share something that they are working on.  It doesn't have to be best practice -- in fact it can be something very much in development that's creative or unique.  In exchange for helping others learn from your experience, they will provide peer critiques, ideas and input to help you refine your work.

Interested in sharing something?  Please contact us to get the ball rolling!

Have tips on how others can make the most of their Darim experience?  Please share!

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