New York Teen Boot Camp: Lessons in "Value Added" Content

This spring we are helping a cohort of New York based Jewish teen programs plan and launch their social media marketing efforts.  Supported by The Jim Joseph Foundation and UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish Education Project is helping new Jewish teen summer experiences get off the ground.

Part of our 2 day kickoff included a discussion of "ladders of engagement" -- how to anticipate the modest steps someone might make from first learning that you exist, to signing up for a trip to volunteer in Memphis, or a camp to learn how to surf on Long Island, or to head to Israel with a group of other teens from Interfaith Families.

One element of helping others learn about your program is by creating value-added content.  In an attention economy, how can you earn the attention of the people you seek to reach?

Interfaith Israel jumped on this opportunity when they remembered that we close the Passover seder with "Next Year In Jerusalem."  They created a value-added seder supplement to help us think more intentionally about what we mean by that. What does Jerusalem represent in the seder?  What does Jerusalem represent to you?  What what would visiting Jerusalem mean for your identity and understanding of Judaism, but also as a meeting place of world religions?  Their seder supplement was emailed to their list, share in social media, and traveled widely during the days before Passover.  Hopefully, they seeded conversations that are an important step in their engagement ladder.

What kind of "value added" content are you creating?



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